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Super Mario Killing Spree Super Mario Killing Spree

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Madness with Mario sprites?

I'd say so. That was awesome. I love that song as well. Fine job, fine job indeed. Deserves an award, keep it up man. I'm favoriting ya.

Megaman vs Geminiman Megaman vs Geminiman

Rated 4 / 5 stars


That was pretty cool. Artwork very well represented. Gemini Man looked kickass. I also liked how you stopped the action and showed the name of the move. Those drawings were great. What else is there to say? Good music, decent amount of violence, the overall "style" reminded me of DBZ, and that's not a bad thing. Keep it up man, looks like you'll go far in the world of flash.

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Knuckles Adventure 9 Knuckles Adventure 9

Rated 4 / 5 stars

In two words: Quite Satisfying

I gotta say, very, very nice music selection for this one. I expected someone who die this episode, but not Tikal. So, it was an ok plot twist. I only really laughed once or twice. Interactivity plus for the menu. Nice sprites, really. Equinox is the man. Gotta love those Flare sprites. The overal lstyle of this KA entry wasnt bad. The fight was a bit mediocre, I must say. Violence.. eh, nothing mind-blowing, but theres bloodshed.

Overall, you did a fine job. You say you were on and off with this one.. it seems a bit rushed to me. Good luck with KA 10.

Heran-Bago responds:

I think the music selection's good (for something I'd make at least) too. Yes, time for characters to start dieing indeed.

I must concur, Equinox IS the man.

From Beast to Beauty From Beast to Beauty

Rated 1 / 5 stars

WTF was that.

Ok, the drawings weren't bad, but WTF. What was the funny part? A gorilla gets a hircut and comes out looking like Enrique Englesias(sp). WTF.

IT wasn't even stupid funny either. Coem on, you can do better. : /

legacy of kain animated legacy of kain animated

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Impressive, to say the least. Puttin' you on my favorites. Great stuff, really. I give ya a 6 on sound only cause there was just the BG music, but that fit the battle. Anyways. incredibly good for a first submission. Keep it up.

Flarglemuffin Flarglemuffin

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Guess who? =P Like I told you on AIM, good stuff. I favorited you and everything! Really godo for a first submission. KEEP IT UP YOUUUUU!

Code Veronica: Flash Edn Code Veronica: Flash Edn

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

What a long wait..

It was worth it, however. I've got to commend you, you did a great job reprensenting and patronizing Code Veronica. An avid RE fan myself, I honestly loved every bit of it. Steve IS that cocky and oblivious. His character is represented the best. But, I'll have to be brutally honest with you: I didn't really laugh once. I giggled, sure, but I didn't full out laugh. Not your best in the comedy department. Ashford... OH MAN! You are too true with his voice and laugh. It is that annoying. It's ridicoulous. Wow. Good work LF.

Fine tuned graphics/drawings, although the helicopter scene in the beginning, Claire had some awkward movement. Her arms were flailing in the wrong places, and it just didn't seem that wel ldone.

In closing, I loved it, I really did. Just thge running animations and the comedy could be spruced up for part 2. Keep up the great work!


Links tale : Genesis Links tale : Genesis

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Rather than just give you my two cents, bitch about your movie and tell you what to do, I wanna give you some pointers.
You should definitely have some better dialogue, I chuckled a tiny bit about the lesbian bit, but that's it. I've had some experience with scripting a sprite movie, (Super Smash All stars, Final Fantasy Sonic X) and if you're interested, you can contact me via Instant messenger for some script.
Your characters walk slow, and the guars moved rather.. sluggish. Link's voice should be more authentic.. like, let's say, maybe scottish? Or Irish? I mean, he wars all that green.. you'd think he'd be that way. Navi's voice should be better, no offense to the actor. Ah, but the voice actor for Mei Ling (Kagome was it?) Man.. she's real good. Keep her.
There's some serious potiential here, Metal Gear Zelda, heh. For some issues about the actionscripting and flash and all that, you oughta contact BDX via AIM (TAZJR4) and if you'd liek me to write, which I gladly will contact me via AIM (MajinTobias4474)
Good luck buddy. Nice first try.

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Metal Gear Solid STS's 2 Metal Gear Solid STS's 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


If only I contacted you! I do a great Psycho Mantis! Hey, that wasn't so bad.. well, it was a comedy, and I only giggled twice, but overall, it was an okay flash. Well, good luck with part two, I'll keep my eyes open for it.